Saw Handles compared

"Flicker Forge" Handle

The best saw handles currently available world-wide are from Flicker Forge. I don’t sell these & get no commission but do heartily recommend ’em. No matter where you are in the world you’ll own a pair for probably less than several hundred dollars after paying shipping and customs. The fitting alternates between felling (with saw horizontal) or rotate 90” for … Read More

stool repair

stool with woven top

We have 2 stools like this in our kitchen. Every day I sit on one of them and the woven tops stretched and got slack. So I took undid the knots and re-wove the kambaa plaited fibre. The video links below show in wonderfully sped-up time the process.

Have-a-go outdoor bread-baking & human-powered grain-milling

Roccbox oven

Here’s how I do have-a-go pitta bread making… I often brush olive oil on with a sprig of rosemary and serve up on cleft planks of wood. Before we bake, we can grind grain into flour with the bicycle-powered grain-mill. At first I had the mill behind the miller – here is the pancake option… Because people like to see … Read More

Pizza baking at The Stove Network Dumfries

Shedtherapy were hired by Stove  Network who provided helpers to shape our pizzas and cook them in the Roccbox. This was part of Big Burns Supper and tested the idea of providing activity in Dumfries town centre during the events. Our novice crew sold some 30 pizzas  over 2 hours whilst pizza-eaters saw a variety of films projected on the … Read More

is Taper Grinding by hand still feasible?

I visited a grinder in Sheffield to explore taper grinding of long saws. Whilst his stone is smaller diameter than those shown in old drawings it did work quickly. If we were to fix the blade to a ‘scorching board’ it will be more controllable. When I run this particular saw in a log, I’ll blog again – I hope … Read More

The Bodger’s Ball 2018

The Bodgers Ball is a celebration of all forms of green woodworking. Coinciding with the annual general meeting of the Association of Pole-Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers, the Ball is a five-day festival of woodcraft demonstrations, courses and competitions. It is held at Weald and Downland Living Museum in Chichester from Thursday the 10th to Monday the 15th May 2018. … Read More

Electric Fields Festival Sep 2017

Another Jolly Miller!

My Domestic Science-teaching friend Anna Davis and I showed folk how to grind grain & bake pitta bread at Electric Fields Festival. Accompanied by the thump of heavy bass we rhythmically kneaded dough. Several hundred kids and quite a few adults pedalled away and shaped the resulting dough into flatbreads. Small kids need to add lots of flour to a … Read More

Colvend Farmers Markets

I  love to go to my monthly  local Farmers market. Although there is no space to bake in the portable oven, there is plenty of chance to give away delicious fresh-baked sourdough bread and to talk sourdough-baking with folks. And to encourage folks to grind away. When folks take my sourdough starter, they follow these instructions to make LOVELY sourdough … Read More

Reveal your inner saw!

Learners will often bring a rusty saw to saw-fettling courses. The canny learner will clean her saw of rust before a course. Cleaning is simple & satisfying but time-consuming. Better to use course-time to learn and practise those things you cannot easily teach yourself. To get rid of rust you can use:- Simplest by far is physical abrasion and water. … Read More