How long is a spider’s leg?

Here are spiders made by some learners brought to the raker-saw course I ran in May 2017 with Dolly Chapman. If you do make a wooden one, check it frequently as humidity and temperature changes will alter it. Here is Will Wall talking nonsense about spiders, with Dolly Chapman following up with more sense. Here is an un-marked spider – … Read More

Saw Sharpening

This class is an overview of the ten steps required to sharpen and tune your crosscut saw, from initial cleaning all the way to pointing up the teeth. Whilst we will cover all the steps and ensure that you’re confident about how to do them, you will finish your saw at home. Online booking is coming soon – but for … Read More

Permaculture Gathering 2017

Shedtherapy were invited to Permaculture Gathering at Hidden Mill this week. I love to share my sourdough passion with folk. At this event, I gave  away free of charge sourdough starter IF  people brought their own jar. We  first show folk how to weigh ingredients to refresh the starter – it’s always same weight water to same weight  strong bread … Read More

Bread Baking

Elementary Bread Baking Warning: Slight risk of sticky fingers! Online booking is coming soon – but for now you can use our Contact Form to let us know which course you’re interested in, and we’ll be back in touch ASAP to organise everything with you.

Doctors measure with spider legs

Saw doctors use spiders to measure the amount of set in each tooth. Supporting the spider on 4 fingers, I offer it up to the tooth-tip. If that spider won’t rock in any direction, the tooth is set to that spider and I can then move along 2 teeth to measure the set of next tooth. If the spider rocks … Read More

Grinding down your spiders legs

Here is a spider ready for grinding one leg shorter… If you drop your spider, or you’ve just taken delivery and you want to double-check it, first check the leg-length with a flat surface and feeler-gauge. To grind down one leg, here is one method… A sideways view of leg-grinding.