… but what will your vise(s) look like?

Don’t rush into my version of double-jaws of plywood.  Consider if you want a single- or double-jaw and whether you’ll put it on a table or on legs. If it goes on a table choose a filing height that works for you – or suffer a sore back.

single jaw , rotating, leg-mounted vise

I prefer the rotating double-jaw vise on legs with rounded feet. I like it to rotate because the vise will hold the saw in positions  that my body cannot.  Also hammer-setting teeth is far easier when the saw is horizontal. Because the vise-height is varied by opening or closing the legs different people can use it with the same comfort. If you ever share a vise and file with others this matters!

Rounded feet mean the vise will sit on uneven ground more easily and be stable over a range of different leg-angles.

Plywood is cheaper and more readily obtained and shipped than knot-free, straight-grained twist-free softwood.

If you know you really need a long vise then cut your strip at the widths here out of the 8 foot side of the ply. You could  make it up to 8 feet long. I find 4 feet is plenty wide enough so suggest you just start with a 4 footer. If you really need  length you can place two 4-foot vises side by side


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