Fly pressing saws

Hooray! I have finally pressed saw teeth. This practice is with 18 gauge scrap bandsaw steel and from some softer stainless steel scrap. Whilst neither pitch nor tooth shape are yet consistent it is definite proof of concept. So with a suitable indexing and alignment device I could punch pit and peg tooth saws. According to the angle I offer … Read More

making ‘D’ handles

Making these is much easier than I thought. Even if the slot is not parallel to the handle it still works fine. I suggest you make one or two in scrap wood to get confident with the process and to make sure it will fit your hand. Scribe any existing handle onto paper or print the image below. Read my … Read More

Fly pressing saw teeth

fly pressed teeth

Given a suitable fly press and the right punch and die you can make saws. At Sheffield Sawfest 2018 we had a fly press and punch and die. But we had no effective saw-making because the press was not big enough and the punch not sharp. The punch needs to have a crisp edge and our Sawfest 2018 results were … Read More

Saw vise legs

I recommend using 6 x 2 inch straight timber. Fix it with M12 or 1/2″ carriage bolts. Rounding the feet gives a more solid vise. The chain should be above your instep else you will trip over it. A wooden tool tray should be fitted with wing nuts on at least 10 mm Ø bolts as that increases rigidity. Do … Read More

Gorilla Grip vise?

If yours is a double-jawed vise, consider adding a batten to the bottom edge of one inner jaw. Do this and the top lips bite more tightly to really grip your saw plate. Barry Bate showed us this at Sheffield Sawfest 2018 and it is a cracking good idea. He glued wooden coffee stirring sticks approx 2 mm thick onto … Read More

Single jaw saw vise

If you have a way to anchor a plank perhaps in a woodworking vise this next solution may work for you. Even better if you can devise a way to rotate it. Any scrap of plank or ply for the back and some vertical battens should work. Be prepared for re-positioning the vertical battens quite a few times till you … Read More