Create tooth geometry on “Great American” saw

Mark alternate middle teeth
Go right to end
Flip over and mark other side

Marking a Great American tooth pattern

The most common long saw found in UK is the Great American  pattern. Because that tooth pattern repeats only on each 6th tooth, I have found it hard to remember what shape I am to file.

To create the correct tooth geometry I do this:

  • Mark each alternate middle tooth on one side
  • Turn the saw over and repeat using a different colour

Once I have the middle tooth marked, the geometry of the adjoining teeth becomes clearer. You may want to mark the others with another colour unless their new shape is obvious to you.

If you file any Flinn Garlick saw I suggest you mark each tooth carefully because their intended tooth-geometry from the factory is not obvious.

Especially on the Flinn Garlick ONE MAN CROSSCUT SAW – GREAT AMERICAN TOOTH I have found it challenging to understand which teeth are supposed to be set in which direction. So get a marking pen or chalk – you’ll need it.