Crosscut saw Conversion #3 to Rip

peg tooth saw before conversion
a saw I did not care for!

I took a peg tooth cross cut saw and chopped the teeth shorter. Then I filed a pitsaw pattern into it. This was easier than I thought. I was greatly helped by some pitsaw files and chainsaw files I recently imported.

Angle grinding dentistry – sparks will fly!
end of saw marked for teeth cutting
I fitted a long handle to a western-style handle. Note the straps, sled and wedges.

Whilst shaping & filing the teeth was easy, cutting down the dry beech log snagged a lot until the kerf was more established. Once it was more or less curved to match the tooth-line it ran more easily. The next one will have a straight tooth-line! I first tried running the saw as a pushsaw with teeth leaning away from me but that did not run at all sweetly. I then put the handle on the other end to make it a pullsaw with teeth leaning toward me.

Cutting on the pull was enough of an improvement that I share the above video. But for full disclosure’s sake I do include the snags.

The pitsaw file looks coarse but is a very smooth and quick worker. I look forward to trying it on my other saws.