Electric Fields Festival Sep 2017

Another Jolly Miller!

My Domestic Science-teaching friend Anna Davis and I showed folk how to grind grain & bake pitta bread at Electric Fields Festival. Accompanied by the thump of heavy bass we rhythmically kneaded dough. Several hundred kids and quite a few adults pedalled away and shaped the resulting dough into flatbreads. Small kids need to add lots of flour to a wet dough – they are not high-hydration snobs! They still happily eat the resulting bread!

Here’s the oven ready for the next load. I load the oven by flicking the shaped dough from the peel to oven-floor.  Anna managed the shaping of dough – with the numbers we had, I was very glad of her help. ☺


Here is the mill before assembly. The purple fabric is a shower-cap cover to keep contaminants out of the grain hopper.

Very popular was making cleft plates. By cross-cutting a log at 25 cm then cleaving that round of timber with the froe we created many re-usable ‘plates’ for the hot pittas to sit on. I’m sorry there’s no video of that process but here is part of the materials and tools.

We ran early…

and late…