Family Days

Our have-a-go family days lift your family‚Äôs fun-o-meter. Spend a day in the shed with us making candle-holders, thor hammers, stools, butter-spreaders, spatulas, tent-pegs, whistles, bowls, bread, flour, sewing leather or playing on the pole-lathe. You’ll come out happier than when you came in. You’ll choose the project(s) to match your interest and ability.

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Family days are tremendous value because they lay down positive memories. And you all can access those memories direct from the finished item along with its marks of the last tool and the last person to work on it before someone decided it was complete.

Not by images on a screen, or a diary entry but by the real thing and with the marks of the last tool and person to touch it.

And any time you stir the soup with a spurtle turned on the pole-lathe, sit on that stool, write with pencils you made, or flip an egg with a spatula you crafted you’ll remember the moments and people that made it.

Activity days are a great doorway into greenwoodworking and hand crafting confidence.

How to sign up.

Use our contact form and let us know which dates would be good for you. We’ll be back in touch ASAP to organise your Family Day.

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In-depth training

If you want to make a stool or chair, or would like to learn more about drawknives, froes, & cleaving – consider the Greenwood Intro course. This can run from one to three days, and for one to two people.

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Make mugtrees

Thor hammers!

Make keyrings

Try the pole-lathe

Bake bread

Sew leather

  • “This is the best course I’ve ever been on”

    Will Wall

  • “I got the confidence to go ahead and do more”

    Simon Lamb

  • “Joined up thinking. Lots of little bits of information that suddenly pulled together and made a lot more sense. And the confidence to hit things harder. “

    Brian Williamson

  • “Having someone with years of experience who is also a brilliant teacher is just a total game-changer”

    Steve Tomlin