Fly pressing saw teeth

fly pressed teeth

Given a suitable fly press and the right punch and die you can make saws. At Sheffield Sawfest 2018 we had a fly press and punch and die. But we had no effective saw-making because the press was not big enough and the punch not sharp. The punch needs to have a crisp edge and our Sawfest 2018 results were mediocre. In June 2020 I borrowed some more dies and punches and a bigger press. Although most of the dies lacked punches I cleaned and de-rusted the one you will see in the video.

The owner ground the end of the punch – freehand grinding works fine.

grind punch freehand

He then put the newly-ground punch in his flypress and we tried it on bandsaw scrap. The video records a dismal failure.

I thought his press and dies were a waste of time. I was delighted to later receive these images. Clearly the owner had put in some time and I now do think flypressing can be made to work on a backyard basis.

On my next visit I will report further. ☺

practice notches on right side of scrap bandsaw steel
variable punch in scrap bandsaw steel
die has been surface ground and works better
red and yellow lines indicate 2 face angles

The red and yellow lines above indicate 2 face angles. The initial cut is made with the yellow flatter face. The red face is more sloped. These are quite adjustable by freehand grinding – so if you do get a punch made you can quite readily adjust it.