Folding Sawbuck.

Because the horns ‘C’  slide  left and right this sawbuck fits logs of varying lengths. If you have 2 you can work on long logs. And because they fold flat they take up little storage space.

open and closed sawbucks
refunitsunit length (cm)total (cm)
Softwood 63 x 38 mm
Dowel 25 mm ØD165
suggested cutting list

Set the footrail ‘B’ so your foot can get underneath it. Secure the log with a ratchet strap. Look at the video for more information. If I have a heavy log that I cannot lift onto the sawbuck I will place the log into the vertical sawbuck, then strap it in and lower the sawbuck horizontally.

Round your feet!

Because 4 rounded feet meet the ground evenly in one plane more of your energy goes into the kerf of the log and less into wobbling it.

The axle here is a broom handle of 25 mm Ø. You must drill dead vertical and square into the legs else it won’t fold flat.  I  put this axle-hole  25 cm from the top with the sawbuck  61 cm wide to fit in the back of my car. Measure your vehicle and/or storage space  and then make a sketch with dimensions before you start yours. Fix the axle with a nail else it will slip out. For logs over 12” diameter, I suggest making a lower sawbuck like this. Fix the ground-rail at least the height of your instep above the ground because you can then move your  feet when sawing.