How to trap your rivet!

Helper handles sometimes have a loose rivet. If you can trap yours you will never lose it and so be spared the bother of playing hunt-the-rivet. The video and text show how I trap mine.

the video…

the text…

helper handle minus rivet

Find a bolt, nail, rod or rivet with diameter just smaller than the current hole.

rivet raw material

Existing hole was 5.5 mm Ø

5.5 mm Ø drill bit fits current hole

…so I select a drill bit 1 mm (or 1/16 “) bigger i.e. 6.5 mm Ø

select 6.5 mm Ø bit

With 6.5 mm Ø drill I drill through the green side and partly into the red side. Don’t drill all the way through – you just need clearance space for the peined end to sit flush into the red side and so not obstruct the slot.

Drill at 6.5 mm Ø to approx depth yellow line into red side

Now cut the rivet to length then pein it.

Pein the rivet-end

If you pein too much ( as I did in my video) just file a bit off till the head will retract into the red side and so allow insertion of the saw. If you did not drill deep enough into the far side, you must file off the pein, remove the rivet and drill a little deeper into the red side.

It is far quicker to do this than to write about it. If you have a loose-rivet handle and want a trapped-rivet handle but choose not do these steps yourself, first send me a picture than send the handle to me and I will send it you back for a pound plus postage. I don’t do this for the money. I am doing it because I want your saw to be used.

how it all works

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