Pizza baking at The Stove Network Dumfries

Shedtherapy were hired by Stove  Network who provided helpers to shape our pizzas and cook them in the Roccbox. This was part of Big Burns Supper and tested the idea of providing activity in Dumfries town centre during the events. Our novice crew sold some 30 pizzas  over 2 hours whilst pizza-eaters saw a variety of films projected on the back wall. At £3 per pizza we were a bargain – prices will soon rise! This demonstrated the potential of a portable pizza oven such as Roccbox.

Here is the set up with the hanging wardrobe – we shape the pizzas then let them rest before a final roll out.  The hanging wardrobe frees a lot more table-top space

I  now use plywood trays to roll out the dough balls – this keeps mess in one place.

We were very pleased with the recyclable, zero-carbon pizza plates of cleft wood. Here is our 2nd customer about to enjoy hers…