54 inch Lance-perforated, Felling Crosscut Saw


Felling Crosscut Saw, 54 inches long, Lance-perforated tooth-pattern. Straight taper-ground, 16 gauge sawplate. Defects: nil – stunning lovely saw. Maker: Sandvik. Distinguishing etching or marks: Sandvik logo and model number ‘915’.



Handles excluded – you must supply your own or buy these separately.

This pattern is known as a ‘ribbon’ saw and is designe for felling. Because it is narrow you can get a wedge in the felling kerf sooner than with a broader saw. The wedge widens & opens the kerf and makes the saw run with less friction. Broader saws are better for cross-cutting horizontal logs e.g. when cutting firewood logs to length.

That said, I have found this particular saw outstanding for cutting wood whether it is stands vertical or sits horizontal.