Reveal your inner saw!

Learners will often bring a rusty saw to saw-fettling courses. The canny learner will clean her saw of rust before a course. Cleaning is simple & satisfying but time-consuming. Better to use course-time to learn and practise those things you cannot easily teach yourself.

To get rid of rust you can use:-

  • Physical Abrasion
  • Chemicals
  • Electrolysis

Simplest by far is physical abrasion and water.

Physical Abrasion

You can use Aerated Autoclaved Concrete, Grill Bricks, or Pumice to clean your saw. We prefer to use Pumice here at Shed Therapy, followed by Grill Bricks, and AAC as a last resort.

Aerated Autoclaved Concrete or AAC.
Building supply firms sell this as thermal or insulating brick. I find AAC scratches the saw plate deeply but it will do. Try it on a junker saw if you have nothing else.

AAC block with water

Grill Brick.
I suggest you order at least 2 Bricks at once to save on shipping as they work very well, are fairly cheap and wear quickly. Whilst I will sell these on courses, I much prefer you come with a ready-cleaned saw as you will get much more from the time available. And you’ll probably find a cheaper price than my £5 plus shipping per brick.

2 Grill Bricks

Cleaning a saw with Grill Bricks

Of all I have tried, I like this best. If you can source this – grab it! And if I manage to locate a pumice supply, I’ll blog about it and put it on my shop.

Cleaning a saw with pumice