Electric Fields Festival Sep 2017

Another Jolly Miller!

My Domestic Science-teaching friend Anna Davis and I showed folk how to grind grain & bake pitta bread at Electric Fields Festival. Accompanied by the thump of heavy bass we rhythmically kneaded dough. Several hundred kids and quite a few adults pedalled away and shaped the resulting dough into flatbreads. Small kids need to add lots of flour to a … Read More

Colvend Farmers Markets

I¬† love to go to my monthly¬† local Farmers market. Although there is no space to bake in the portable oven, there is plenty of chance to give away delicious fresh-baked sourdough bread and to talk sourdough-baking with folks. And to encourage folks to grind away. When folks take my sourdough starter, they follow these instructions to make LOVELY sourdough … Read More