Saw vise legs

I recommend using 6 x 2 inch straight timber. Fix it with M12 or 1/2″ carriage bolts. Rounding the feet gives a more solid vise. The chain should be above your instep else you will trip over it. A wooden tool tray should be fitted with wing nuts on at least 10 mm Ø bolts as that increases rigidity. Do … Read More

Quick saw vise

If you want a vise NOW…  A quick solution is plank clamped to a table or workmate. Workmate-vises need someone else to sit on it to  stop it wobbling as you file. Any such sitter  will want both reassurance and  padding between them and the saw teeth.

Saw Handles compared

"Flicker Forge" Handle

The best saw handles currently available world-wide are from Flicker Forge. I don’t sell these & get no commission but do heartily recommend ’em. No matter where you are in the world you’ll own a pair for probably less than several hundred dollars after paying shipping and customs. The fitting alternates between felling (with saw horizontal) or rotate 90” for … Read More